The Handbook of Blended Learning by Curtis Bonk and Charles Graham

“The Handbook of Blended Learning” provides direction about where blended learning may find effective application in online environments within higher education as well as corporate and military training. To address the diversity of readers, “The HOBL” includes contributors from a broad range of fields including trainers, consultants, professors, university presidents, distance-learning centre directors, learning strategists and evangelists, general managers of learning, CEOs, chancellors, deans, and directors of global talent and organizational development.

“The Handbook of Blended Learning” is filled with illustrative and interesting stories, models, and examples that can help foster intelligent decisions regarding blended learning across a wide variety of settings.

A comprehensive resource that highlights the most recent practices. This is an excellent reader containing articles by many of the industries’ leaders as they address blended learning.

Contributors include Eliot Masie, Jane Massy, Curt Bonk and Charles Graham, with a foreword by Jay Cross.