8X e-Learning Marketing

Based in Cornwall, South West England, UK – 8X has provided data-driven technology and e-learning marketing services for over a decade.

8X is an e-learning and technology marketing consultancy that has helped a number of online learning companies to become the leading providers within their niche, and to expand into new markets and territories.

8X digital marketing for e-learning companies

The business is run by Av Srivastava, a digital marketing consultant who has worked with companies ranking from sole traders and SMEs through to large, global companies at UK PLC and Fortune 500 level. He has helped to them to focus their production and service positioning, and to leverage content marketing and SEO to create steady streams of inbound enquiries that convert to new business.

Some of these companies have expanded into 20+ new countries, primarily through inbound marketing activities and the warm enquiries that these bring.

He has also helped clients in the related fields of education and training. These include schools, colleges, universities and specialist training providers, who he has helped to increase visibility online.

Digital marketing is the natural route for most e-learning companies to increase their awareness, as they will generally be looking to reach a tech-savvy audience – one that will often be researching the best solutions via provider websites.

8X has delivered e-learning marketing for tech companies and L&D specialists that include:

  • Learning management system (LMS) providers
  • e-Learning content development specialists
  • Online course libraries
  • Training providers offering blended learning solutions

With this sector experience, 8X can help you understand where you have the greatest opportunities and potential for growth, then develop your website presence to be highly visible to your ideal audience(s) when and where they are looking to buy.

This approach can greatly reduce wasted budget on outbound marketing activities that simply fall on deaf ears.


Key Marketing Services

  • Online market research to establish data on levels of demand
  • Competitor analysis to uncover what content and activities are working for leadsers in your field
  • Website audit to highlight structural areas for improvement
  • Content marketing – suggesting and / or creating articles and web pages to attract your ideal visitors
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – better alignment of website content and structure with the interests of your ideal customers.

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