A new publication addressing work based e-learning, and making all its content available on line, register at Impact and read articles by a wide range of authors, including one co-authored by ourselves.

A few words from editor Mark J W Lee:Impact has been established to address the paucity of research publication avenues with a particular emphasis on e-learning in organisational and workplace settings. It publishes both refereed and non-refereed contributions from both researchers and practitioners relating to the design, implementation, evaluation and management of workplace e-learning across a range of sectors and industries.One special issue will be published in the journal’s first year of operation (2009). This will increase to two issues in 2010, followed by quarterly publication in 2011 and subsequent years. Articles in the first (inaugural) issue will be freely available electronically to the general public as soon as they are published; thereafter, the journal will adopt a delayed open access model, whereby issues published within the last six months will be restricted to viewing by paid subscribers, including financial members of ElNet, while all other content is accessible free-of-charge.