Here we profile top providers of e-learning for vets, including bespoke online veterinary training, LMS solutions, and ready to go CPD courses.


Bespoke Training Content – First Media

e-Learning for vets from First Media

MSD Animal Health partnered with the e-learning experts at First Media to develop customised online training for vets and veterinary nurses. The challenge involved creating engaging modules covering essential topics such as Endoparasites, Ectoparasites, and Vaccinations.

Working closely with MSD’s subject matter experts, First Media crafted interactive modules featuring turn dials, hot graphics, knowledge checks, infographic videos, case studies, and MSD’s AI Avatar. The course, built on Articulate Rise, offered simple navigation and pause-and-return functionality.

The result was five interactive modules that effectively conveyed crucial information while ensuring an enjoyable learning experience. MSD was highly satisfied with the outcome, leading to potential future collaborations.

Read more about this e-learning for vets at MSD Animal Health on the First Media website.

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LMS for Vets – Eurekos

Eurekos LMS

Eurekos offers one of the world’s leading Partner & Customer Training LMS solutions. This is a purpose-built extended enterprise learning platform.

Tailored to the unique needs of customers and partners, Eurekos LMS features rapid onboarding, e-commerce, certifications, branded portals, mobile learning, and just-in-time content. With its intuitive interface, Eurekos ensures a seamless experience for administrators and users alike.

Additionally, its integrated course authoring tool enables the creation of rich educational resources directly within the LMS.


Example Client – StreetVet


Collaborating with outreach organisations, StreetVet vets and nurses operate across multiple communities weekly. Since its inception, they have assisted over 2500 pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, and other animals. Their services range from vaccinations and microchipping to flea treatments, pain relief, surgeries, and compassionate listening.

They partnered with Eurekos LMS to develop a learning platform that delivers anywhere, any time learning that keeps their vets and veterinary nurses up to speed with these processes.



ELEARNING.VET offers a fresh approach to veterinary CPD, making continuous learning enjoyable and affordable for professionals. Unlike traditional formats, their platform provides engaging and interactive content, with a focus on putting the learner at the centre. Members can expect a variety of formats, including HD studio-filmed sessions, quizzes, podcasts, and more.

With options for both free basic membership and an all-access pass for a low monthly or annual fee, veterinary professionals can access a wealth of content and benefits tailored to their learning needs.

Visit for more information on their packages.

If you’re looking for providers of e-learning for vets in the UK, then one of these companies should be able to provide the online veterinary training solutions to meet your needs.