Video e-learning delivered to mobile devices equips employees with the skills to improve the customer experience of doing business with your company

Improving the customer experience is the way to increase your business. We have known for a long time that it is easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find new customers, but do your employees always provide the best experience for your customers. Do your customers always feel valued? Loyal customers like the way they are sold to. How many times have you stuck to the same supplier because you like the way they sell to you, even though you could possibly buy the same elsewhere cheaper. Like our customers we want to feel valued and as well as the product or service we are buying, we are also buying the customer experience.

E-learning delivered to mobile devices is the key to providing training to improve the customer experience. E-learning that is available just when it is needed, giving employees the skills to deliver improved customer service. On demand, just in time e-learning provides employees with short bite-sized chunks of learning that are easily consumed and easily refreshed. E-learning that can be delivered to mobile devices is quickly becoming first choice for many and video is proving to be the easily consumed media that works. Video on mobile devices also gives employees ownership of their learning, its available when they are or when they are best placed to learn. Learning Light has partnered with ej4 a leading US vendor of video e-learning to deliver e-learning to mobile devices, giving learners the opportunity to learn at a time that suits them and your business.

Declaration of interest:

Learning Light has curated and evaluated a large collection of video based e-learning materials ideally suited for improving the customer experience. You can find the courses at Learning Lights e-learning centre.