Selecting an LMS

The LMS – Learning Management System, often in education circles referred to as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is often the bedrock of any e-learning project.

Put simply these platforms are designed to allow organisations – corporates or educational establishments to manage learners.

In this short video we talk a little about what the LMS does:

So as we said, at its simplest a LMS will allow learners to be registered and their learning tracked and recorded, this can be for both online e-learning and other classroom and workplace based learning activities.

The fact that an LMS is designed to track and record learning and in particular it is designed to automatically track a learner when using e-learning is very useful to companies who wish to ensure that employees are up to date with their learning.

The LMS over the years has grown to offer a vast range of features and functions from scheduling learning, tracking and monitoring learner performance, reminding learners and managers that refreshers are needed to ensure a learner is compliant, and it is e-learning content integrated into an LMS that has made so much of this possible and efficient and effective.

The question is, from over 400 LMS offers, which one will work best for your organisation, and its not all about technology:

This short video gives you a little more understanding:

We hope you agree with us that creating the “learner journey” is a good place to start, IT guys often call this a “Use Case“, and many organisations create learner stories. However, remember it is not just the learner, but the administrator and the manager responsible for Learning and Development that need to be carefully considered……learn more….get in touch with us.

In our final clip David discusses some of the leading LMS’s on the market and highlights the differences you may wish to know about.

If you wish to learn more about how to procure the right LMS for your organisation, get in touch, or take a look at one of our blog posts on choosing learning management systems. We can help you build the Learner Journey, write your request for proposal, (we have a proven “bullet- proof” template in which we can quickly and effectively capture your requirements), learn what you can expect from your budget, or build the business case for your e-learning project, we can help.