Green Business Idea Generation Techniques

green business ideaLearn and use practical business techniques to spark ideas for new green business opportunities from this e-learning module.

Coming up with a successful business idea is not always easy. To help you to find your eureka moment, this course introduces you to proven business tools designed to get your creative juices flowing.

At the start of any successful business there has to be an idea either for a new product or one which is better than those already on the market. In the green economy there is a huge opportunity for replacement products and services which are more eco-friendly versions.
There is an equally large opportunity for completely new, green products and services as the world seeks new ways to generate clean energy, use energy more efficiently, adapt to the impacts of climate change and use our finite resources better. You’re only limited by your imagination and creativity.
Our view….simple but hugely informative e-learning materials, supporting you to learn.

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