Onboarding New Employees

onboarding new employees courseManagers work with new hires to help them quickly get up to speed by understanding what they must do and achieve to become fully integrated employees.

  • New Hire Expectations of a Manager
  • First Weeks’ Deliverables
  • Team Members Introduce Themselves
  • Great Work Situations for New Hires
  • Learning a New Role
  • We Wish We Had Known
  • Learning from Co-Workers
  • Teams Share with New Hires
  • New Hires Build New Skills
  • Coaching New Hires
  • New Hires Get Coaching From Others
  • Reconnect Employees to Individual Work
  • Feedback for New Hires
  • Exploring Professional Development
  • New Hires Build a Professional Network
  • Feedback from New Hires
  • New Hire Performance Review
  • Work and Challenges in the Future

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