Strategic and Excellent Leadership Course

strategic and excellent leadershipThis course of 11 e-learning videos lasting over 1 hour and 49 minutes provide online training in Strategic Leadership and how to be an excellent leader.

Leaders are not only responsible for current overall results, but must also be concerned with longer term organizational health and performance. This means setting values, strategic directions, and performance expectations that increase satisfaction and profitability. Learn how to bring this to life while balancing value for customers and employees, and creating a climate of empowerment, innovation, agility, and ethical behaviour.

• Using ej4 to Lead
• T.H.E. Answer for Business Success
• Criteria for Performance Excellence
• Vision, Mission, and Values
• Introduction to Leadership
• Leadership Fundamentals
• Characteristics of Leaders
• Leadership and Power
• How to be a Follow-able Leader Part 1
• How to be a Follow-able Leader Part 2
• Creating Followership

Our view….This course is both “full on” and surprisingly thoughtful and well worth spending time evaluating your organizations needs against the issues being dealt with in these e-learning videos. There is a lot of very very useful material here.

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