Knowledge Nuggets

Knowledge Nuggets are short narrated presentations about topics of interest related to e-learning.

The Knowledge Nuggets are narrated by Rishi Surtani and cover Interactivity in e-learning, SCORM and e-learning, usability in e-learning and What is Instructional System Design.

  • Interactivity in eLearning

    Interactivity in e-learning. In this narrated “Knowledge Nugget”, Rishi Surtani defines what we mean by interactivity, explains its importance, outlines some different types of interactivity and provides some tips in using interactivity.

  • SCORM and e-Learning

    SCORM and e-learning, in this “Knowledge Nugget”, Rishi Surtani explains what is meant by SCORM, The importance of SCORM and what SCORM compliance means. Rishi also looks at what other standards are similar to SCORM

  • Usability in e-learning

    Usability in e-learning. In this “Knowledge Nugget” Rishi Surtani looks at what is meant by usability, its importance in e-learning and provides us with some tips to create usable e-learning.

  • What is Instructional Systems Design

    What is Instructional Systems Design. In this “Knowledge Nugget” Rishi Surtani looks at what is Instructional Systems Design – often just called Instructional Design, why it is important, and how you can apply it to a project you are working on. Rishi looks at the ADDIE approach.