Are you looking for HACCP certification training online with top quality e-learning courses? Here we list some of the best online HACCP courses available.


What does HACCP stand for?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Training in this area of health and safety is essential for anyone working with food systems.


Royal Society for Public Health

RSPH offers a wide range of vocational HACCP qualifications intended to help you in your career development.

Incorporated by Royal Charter, the Royal Society for Public Health is one of the oldest and most respected public health organisations in the world. Its roots extend all the way back to the mid-19th century and the events that led to the passing of the landmark Public Health Act of 1875.

This was the first UK law to be put in place to tackle the causes of disease and poor health amongst Britain’s newly urban population. This organisation offers some of the best HACCP courses online.

Learn more about the RSPH HACCP qualifications on their website.


High Speed Training

This company offers HACCP certification training online among their range of 160+ elearning courses.

High Speed Training state a mission to deliver courses that help people to be engaged, effective and safe in the career they’ve chosen.

They collaborate with subject matter experts and their customers to share best practice and insight through a library of outstanding and innovative e-learning content. Together with these partners, they aim to be the most trusted online vocational training team, creating and delivering high quality, certified online courses to millions of people.

Learn more about the HACCP courses from High Speed Training on their website.


Virtual College

The HACCP level 3 training course will help businesses to improve their food safety management and ensure they pass inspection. This is vital HACCP e-learning for kitchen or catering staff in the UK.

Virtual College is a technology-focused team of over 145 talented employees, working to create some of the best e-learning for subjects such as Health and Safety training. The company creates inspiring, industry-leading digital learning solutions that deliver the best possible learning experiences.

Visit Virtual College to learn more about their HACCP level 3 training courses.


Verner Wheelock

This company offers online HACCP training courses for food manufacturers. They cater for all levels, from basic level 2 HACCP to level 3 HACCP and advanced Level 4 HACCP courses for managers and team leaders.

Established in 1990, Verner Wheelock is a leading provider of high quality, food industry training, both online and face to face. Whether you need training for yourself or your staff they offer a range of courses, from basic level to advanced, to help you meet the requirements of BRC and your customers.

Learn more about VWA HACCP training courses on their website.


CIEH HACCP certification courses

Make sure your food operations pass inspection with HACCP training courses online from CIEH, which are available at Foundation (Level 2) and Intermediate (Level 3).

What is CIEH?

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health or CIEH is the membership and awarding body for the environmental health sector. Their members work around the world, improving lives and demonstrating excellence across all areas of environmental health including food, public health, housing, environmental protection, and health and safety.

Learn more about CIEH HACCP training on their website.

If you’re looking for the best HACCP certification training online, one the above e-learning courses should cater for your business, your employees or your personal and career development.