Non Verbal Communications

non verbal communicationsNon verbal communication is so much more than gestures, facial expressions, and body position. In this 5-part series, we zero in on the often overlooked aspects of nonverbals, and how it all can impact your success in the workplace.

Non verbal communication is important to communicating in the workplace. However, it can be confusing as to how exactly non verbal communication can be used to establish yourself in an organization.

Non verbal communication can be used to communicate anything you’d like. Much of it will come naturally, but some of it will take some work. Assuming you want to be viewed positively by those  you interact with, the e-learning videos show you some nonverbal standards you should consider.


  • Defining Non verbal Communications (04:20)
  • Aligning Non verbal Communication with Intentions (05:08)
  • Workplace Standards: Appearance (04:05)
  • Workplace Standards (06:51)
  • Leveraging Nonverbals for Success (05:23)

Our view…This is a hugely useful and insightful e-learning short course that can deliver really practical benefits, and gets to the heart of understanding and appreciating non verbal communication, and the chapter on leveraging non verbals for success provides constructive learning for improving performance. The course is short and to the point covering the important signs and behaviours that the learner will learn to identify and act upon. 

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