Next Learning Unwrapped by Nick van Dam

This is not a book predicting the future of e-learning and learning technologies, though some of the early chapters do discuss new learning approaches. However the principle content that makes up this work is given to showcasing corporate distance (e-learning or online) success stories.

There are over 30 of these, addressing on line performance support, social and expert networks, 3D worlds, wikis and blogs, communities of practise, virtual classrooms, serious gaming and simulation, distance learning programmes and blended on-demand learning programmes – so some fabulous examples here – where the mantra of seize the day and lets not worry about the future.

These case studies or vignettes follow a standard format, – aligned, designed and deployed (not dissimilar to our own ‘define and determine’, ‘design and develop’ and ‘deploy’ approach). In addition attention is paid to key business drivers and the marketing approach.

The findings or business impact session and “lessons learnt” is probably the most interesting of each vignette