e-Learning Websites We Like

Here are intros to some of the best e-learning websites, currently listed in alphabetical order. Click on the title to read our review and visit the site. If you would like to recommend an e-learning or learning technologies website, please get in touch with us. We may well be tempted to review and list it!

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Good Tech Guide

A relatively new site for consumer and B2B technology, having only started in 2017, Good Tech Guide covers a wide range of well-established and emerging technology trends.

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e-Learning Event: Technology in Higher Education – data analytics, learning experience & MOOCs

On 18th October 2017, the e-learning event: Technology in Higher Education – data analytics, the learning experience and next steps for MOOCs will be held in Central London, UK. This is a CPD Certified higher education event, focused on learning technology. Here is an introduction to the event from the organisers: This seminar will discuss the use of technology in the Higher Education sector, and ways forward for developing its role in enhancing learning and teaching – as well as its role more widely in HEI business processes. Delegates will discuss the role of big data and data analytics for universities, including targeted marketing of prospective students, improving retention and personalising learning experience for individuals. The agenda will also bring out the latest thinking on the use technology in teaching and learning, assessing progress in areas such as flipped and blended learning, and potential uses of virtual reality (VR). Those attending will also consider examples of best practice in developing a culture among the teaching community across all disciplines that supports the full potential use of technology. Further sessions will look at MOOCs, specifically emerging business models and uses including lifelong learning, marketing, pre-sessional support and credit-bearing modules. The organisers expect attendees to include key policymakers and stakeholders from universities, learning technology companies, data analytics software providers, online learning platforms, technology and education consultancies, students’ unions, academics and others with an interest in this area of policy and practice. Guest of Honour is Paul Feldman – Chief Executive of Jisc. Keynote speaker is Mark Lester – Director of Partnerships at FutureLearn. Book your place or learn more about this Technology in Higher... read more

Centre for Learning and Performance

Jane Hart’s wonderful site, Centre for Learning and Performance (C4LPT), is full of useful stuff such as the excellent learning tools directory where she regularly assesses and ranks top elearning software, websites and resources. There is the Learning Tools Directory (a completely updated version of the Directory that was begun in 2006) listing over 2,000 tools useful for both formal and informal learning, as well as the Top 200 Tools – a focus on the leading resources. The Social Learning Academy is the place to find out more about social media and its use for different types of learning. Jane also runs other websites that include Modern Workplace Learning and 30 Day Learning Challenges, which are signposted from... read more

LMS Survey – Only 58% of Users Satisfied

Virtual College recently sent out an LMS market survey in late 2016, where they asked organisations how they felt about their current Learning Management Systems. The results highlighted a mix of opinions that people feel towards their current LMS.   Perhaps most strikingly was that only 58 per cent of people rated their LMS as above average, meaning that 42 per cent of respondents felt unsatisfied with their platform. This was highlighted further by the fact that 38 per cent of those who had used their LMS for over 2 years disliked it. There were a number of different reasons that people chose to explain how they felt about their LMS. 62 per cent of people stated the main reason that they liked their LMS was because it was easy to use, closely followed by 44 per cent who said it was affordable.  This contrasted with 56 per cent of respondents saying they disliked their provider because it lacked the features it needed, as well as 37 per cent claiming that it was difficult to use. These results highlight just how important usability is for user satisfaction. One final statistic to come out of the survey was that only 38 per cent of people are using a well-known LMS, meaning that 62 per cent are using a system that is not widely accessed. This emphasises the idea that there is no system currently available that is enjoyed by a majority of the market. Check out the LMS Survey Infographic produced by Virtual... read more

Free Online Courses & Open Learning Resources

Here is a list of great websites providing free online courses and open learning resources worldwide. These, some of the best providers of e-learning content and services for online education and training, are listed in alphabetical order.   Apple – i-tunes U http://www.apple.com/education/itunes-u/ A potential game changer from Apple, providing a large number of learning resources to be delivered through their devices and offering one of the world’s largest libraries of e-learning content from universities and museums etc…. Teachers can create their own content that can be distributed privately for their students, and now with a publishing toolkit as well. With the i-pad attracting such interest and excitement in the education market, and with more and more institutions considering equipping students with i-pads, this learning platform will become very influential. The content is aimed principally at the Higher education end of the market, but we are convinced it will evolve and the offer will percolate down into all levels of education.   Coursera https://www.coursera.org/ Representing 16 Universities, mainly in the US, but including the University of Toronto, the University of Edinburgh, and Swiss Bases Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, provides open access to a range of courses across 17 topic areas. Sites like these will without doubt change the face of Higher Education, and are partially responses to the growing indebtedness of many students in the USA, as well as extending reach and innovation to Higher Education.   Ed Ted from TED http://ed.ted.com/ Following on from the hugely successful TED Talks comes TED ED, covering a range of topics – Arts, Business, Design Engineering and Technology, Health, literature and language,... read more